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Snowboard jackets are one of the most vital pieces of equipment needed when one decides to snowboard. To start snowboarding, one not only needs a high quality snowboard, but also a good quality snowboarding jacket. Recently, people have found numerous kinds of snowboard jackets over the Internet. Hence, it is not necessary to go all over the place to determine the right snowboard jacket for your snowboarding experience.

Snowboard jackets are essential. Snowboard jackets will keep you warm, dry and give you that trendy snowboarding look you're going for.

Hot & Branded Snowboard Jackets:

Some of the popular branded snowboard jackets that suit snowboarding needs:

1. K2 Paradise Tech Snowboard Jacket: Usually, K2 offers all essentials required for a snowboarding experience. Their snowboard jackets are waterproof and have the breathable functionality with a great disposable zip hood. More significantly, their snowboard jackets have built-in iPod pocket. The external of this snowboard jacket has HellyTech material as well as adaptable cover and ditch vents.

2. Sessions Istodis Snowboard Jacket: This snowboard jacket is highly popular among snowboarders. It has Active 10K twill weave with several useful features such as a joint fit, a Surround Sound receptacle and pit zips. This snowboard jacket comes in a variety of colors. However, most popular colors are light gray and brown.

3. DC Shenlong Snowboard Jacket: Among the branded snowboard jackets, a Shenlog snowboard jacket comes with a small sarong, storable facemask and faux-fur trim. The entire snowboard jacket is isolated with fabric and includes pit zips to cool down fast, if the jacket gets overheated.

4. Bonfire Diffuse Jacket: This brand is down-to-earth at best. It has an inner detachable and reversible liner. The TWINTEC system attached with this snowboard jacket holds both snow and wind far away from the rider wearing it. One also has an easy option of removing the hood. Like other high quality snowboard jackets, this jacket also features pit vents that are simple to open and close.

5. Volcom Snowboard Jackets: Volcom snowboard jacket are ideal choice while considering going for something different. These snowboard jackets feature an offset front zipper that leans out of one's way and hence, the rider is under no risks of rubbing his/her chin or allowing cold breeze to soak in while they snowboard. Other features include full joint tape and pit zip ventilating system.

6. Grenade Frontline Snowboard Jacket: These snowboard jackets give maximum safety to combat with extreme climatic conditions. Key features of these branded snowboard jackets include wrist gators, pit zips, YKK zippers, critically taped lines, water-resistant logo zipper and reversibility.

7. Burton Hooded Snowboard Jacket: Finally, it is essential to consider getting a Burton snowboard jacket. Burton snowboard jackets are available with outstanding features such as a joint cut, contour hood and broaden waist gaiter, so that one can climb hills with comfort and style.


While deciding to purchase suitable snowboard jackets, it is advisable to consider certain important things such as:

1. Price Range: This depends on the amount of waterproofing and venting done on a snowboard jacket. Basic jackets do not have an extra waterproofing or venting facilities, while expensive snowboard jackets include such features to proscribe moisture.

2. Venting: This denotes breathability of the fabric on a snowboard jacket as well as added features to expel extra warmth. Consider pit-zips that open under the arms to vent out heat during warm days or while climbing hills or chillin' on the chair lift.

3. Quality of Sealing: Cheaply available snowboard jackets have waterproof coating that becomes obsolete within a year, while expensive snowboard jackets made out of strong waterproof materials last for a longer period. Thus, it is better to choose a snowboard jacket that features taped seams and other waterproof zippers. Remember: You get what you pay for.