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Buying Snowboards Online

If you're intending on spending vacations in snow-clad mountains or simply wishing to turn from an amateur into a pro, then buying the ideal snowboard is a must. However, to buy desirable snowboards, you need to know the different features of a snowboard, types of snowboards and snowboard brands. Here is a guide which will help enthusiasts to find the best snowboards.

To start with, you need not visit all the major snowboard stores present in the city. The advent of the Internet has in fact, made snowboard shopping quite easier. Just log on to a web site, preferably a retail site that sells branded snowboards. These sites also offer a certain amount of discount by purchasing boards from them. You can usually save 30-70% by buying your snowboard gear online. Local snowboard shops do not have the same competition that online snowboard shops have, and thus your local snowboard shop's prices will almost always be higher.

Popular Snowboard Brands:

Burton Snowboards:

Burton snowboards are known for their scientific cut as well as radius. These snowboards are durable, offer great comfort and are available in different sizes, designs and weights. There are separate snowboards for men, women, and kids. Burton is the largest snowboard brand on the market to date.

Features of Burton snowboards include a bi axial laminate, 146 to 158 cm binding stance, and curvature sideboards for proper distribution of energy.

Ride Snowboards:

Professional snowboarders use Ride snowboards because of their high quality. Ride's Yukon snowboard among them is the most preferred. It has a wide ATV, 3/4 inch of setback stance, thin core, carbon array, base of fusion 4000 and is made of hybrid glass.

Ride has numerous other snowboard pieces, which include the love handles Y'all, Ride Yukon, Ride society, Ride havoc, Ride Fleetwood, Ride dose and Ride DH snowboard.

K2 Snowboards:

The K2 manufactures free style types of snowboards. These snowboards are available in versatile forms, integrated with S class technique for smoother ride, carbon torsion forks, Kevlar inlays, and powerful pop. They are low weight and have wide steel edges for easy landing.

K2 snowboards are ideal for backcountry powder riding. Jibpan and K2 Vavavoom snowboards are the best among the K2 series.

Rome Snowboards:

Rome is another major brand, which manufactures high quality boards. Features of these snowboards include airpop matrix for high release of energy, lightweight, carbonbiax alloy laminate, sinter base for greater speed and high wax absorbency. These snowboards also have impact plates, Ollie pop for smooth off jumps.

Ride produces a varied series of snowboards such as Mod, Anthem, Agent, Slash, and Graft.

GNU Snowboards:

GNU snowboards are made of biaxial glass, 3000 base, and E.M.O 3 core and have a sandwich pattern. The length of these boards is 149cm and nose width is 29.4 cm. Ride snowboards have radial sidecuts, are machine built, mid wide and offer freestyle surfing.

Renowned ride snowboard models include B nice snowboard 140, MTX snowboard 2008 and B-Pro board for women.

Nitro Snowboards:

Nitro also offers freestyle street snowboards, with the T1 model being the most popular among them. These Ride snowboards have high power core, thick edges, and are made of biaxial fiberglass. They have red line base, which blends the speed and strength for greater stability. Ride snowboards are easy to maintain.

Forum Snowboards:

Forum is one of the popular snowboard brands offering freestyle snowboards. Forum snowboards are made of a wood core. Forum snowboards feature sturdy carbon strings, twin side nose and are ultra light in weight.

Placing an Online Order:

After learning about different snowboard brands, you need to decide your budget since most of the branded snowboards come at high prices. Consider the skill levels as entry level, intermediate or expert types of snowboards, whether freestyle, freecarve or free ride, size and design of snowboards and then choose an appropriate snowboard for you.


Lib Tech Jamie Lynn Phoenix Tittyfish Snowboard
Price: $599.95
Sale Price: $419.95

Rossignol Angus Snowboard
Price: $499.95
Sale Price: $324.95

Evol Logo Snowboard
Price: $300.00
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